The riveting tale of Jester Lester and the Mean Green Bean

is written in a poetry style known as a


Let me tell you all about a limerick!  A limerick is a form of verse, usually very humorous, written in five lines with strict rhyme schemes and syllable counts. 

Jester Lester and the Mean Green Bean is made up of 25 individual limericks.

Think of the structure of a limerick as AABBA.  The first, second and fifth lines(A),  rhyme with each other and have a set syllable count while the third and fourth lines(B), have a smaller syllable count and share a different rhyme.  

What is a syllable count?  The number of times that you hear the sound of a vowel is the number of syllables in a word.  Vowels are letters AEIOU and sometimes letter Y when it makes an AEIOU sound in a word.  

When you count all the syllables in each of the A lines, the total is 8.  When you count all of the syllables in each of the B lines, the total is 5.   in each limerick the syllable counts can differ as long as the A lines and B lines are consistent. 

Let's break down 25 limericks 

when we get to the end we'll Write Our Own!

Chapter 1 (3 limericks)________________SADNESS

There(1) once(1) was(1) a(1) forest(2) so(1) grey(1),

all(1) those(1) who(1) emerged(2) felt(1) dismay(2).

They(1) left(1) feeling(2) bad(1),

quite(1) somber(2) and(1) sad(1),

and(1) wondered(2) what(1) ruined(2) their(1) day(1).


The(1) source(1) of(1) the(1) forest’s(2) sadness(2),

such(1) total(2) darkness(2) and(1) drabness(2),

was(1) found(1) in(1) the(1) frown(1)

just(1) south(1) of(1) the(1) crown(1)

on(1) the(1) forest’s(2) Royal(2) Highness(2).

She(1) wore(1) that(1) frown(1) morning(2) till(1) night(1).

There(1) it(1) stayed(1) by(1) only(2) moonlight(2).

The(1) forest(2) grew(1) dim(1),

the(1) future(2) looked(1) grim(1),

not(1) a(1) glimmer(2) of(1) hope(1) in(1) sight(1).


Chapter 2 (4 Limericks)__________________TRUST

Weary(2) of(1) the(1) queen’s(1) somber(2) rule(1),

her(1) frown(1) as(1) stubborn(2) as(1) a(1) mule(1),

the(1) forest(2) began(2)

to(1) form(1) its(1) own(1) plan(1)

to(1) find(1) a(1) hilarious(1) fool(1).

Scrolled(1) on(1) a(1) leaf(1), the(1) message(2) read(1),

“Joy(1) fast(1), can’t(1) last(1)!” That’s(1) all(1) it(1) said(1).

The(1) winds(1) blew(1) up(1) strong(1).

The(1) leaf(1) flew(1) along(1)

and(1) carried(2) the(1) message(2) ahead(2).

That(1) leaf(1) floated(2) down(1) from(1) the(1) air(1)

and(1) landed(2) in(1) the(1) springy(2) hair(1)

of(1) a(1) world(1) class(1) jester(2),

“Please(1) do(1) call(1) me(1) Lester(2).

I’m(1) known(1) to(1) spread(1) joy(1) on(1) a(1) dare(1).”


“At(1) most(1) it(1) will(1) take(1) me(1) three(1) tries(1).

Of(1) that(1) I(1) can(1) safely(2) surmise(2).

If(1) she(1) doesn’t(2) smile(1)

in(1) just(1) a(1) short(1) while(1)

I’ll(1) head(1) down(1) the(1) road(1) with(1) no(1) prize(1).”


Chapter 3 (4 Limericks)________________DISGUST

Off(1) to(1) the(1) queen(1) they(1) did(1) hurry(2),

the(1) Jester(2) without(2) a(1) worry(2),

and(1) that’s(1) when(1) he(1) spoke(1)

a(1) very(2) old(1) joke(1)

she’d(1) surely(2) have(1) to(1) find(1) worthy(2).

“How’s(1) gum(1) cross(1) the(1) road(1) un-flicken(3)?”

asked(1) Lester(2).  His(1) voice(1) did(1) quicken(2).

The(1) Queen(1) slowly(2) sighed(1),

and(1) then(1) she(1) replied(2),

“Stuck(1) to(1) the(1) foot(1) of(1) that(1) chicken(2).”


“Did(1) you(1) think(1) I(1) was(1) on(1) the(1) hook(1)?

That’s(1) the(1) oldest(2) joke(1) in(1) the(1) book(1)!

If(1) that(1) was(1) your(1) best(1),

you(1) can(1) skip(1) the(1) rest(1).”

But(1) Lester(2) refused(2) to(1) be(1) shook(1).


He(1) launched(1) into(2) his(1) second(2) act(1),

a(1) jig(1) that(1) was(1) more(1) action(2) packed(1),

a(1) dance(1) filled(1) with(1) danger(2)

that(1) kept(1) getting(2) stranger(2),

but(1) her(1) frown(1) stayed(1) firmly(2) intact(2).


Chapter 4 (3 Limericks)____________ANTICIPATION

Two(1) tries(1) down(1) and(1) nothing(2) to(1) show(1),

he(1) had(1) just(1) one(1) more(1) act(1) to(1) go(1).

His(1) secret(2) weapon(2)

would(1) need(1) to(1) step(1) in(1)

and(1) deliver(3) the(1) final(2) blow(1).

“Feast(1) your(1) eyes(1) on(1) this(1) thrilling(2) sight(1),

a(1) green(1) bean(1) that(1) can(1) really(2) fight(1)!

A(1) scrappy(2) green(1) bean(1),

the(1) meanest(2) you’ve(1) seen(1),

guaranteed(3) to(1) bring(1) much(1) delight(2).”


The(1) bean(1) and(1) Lester(2) huddled(2) near(1),

then(1) Lester(2) whispered(2) in(1) his(1) ear(1).

The(1) forest(2) waited(2),

quite(1) captivated(4)

what(1) would(1) happen(2) next(1) was(1) unclear(2).


Chapter 5 (3 Limericks)____________ANGER & FEAR

The(1) bean’s(1) face(1) lit(1) up(1) like(1) a(1) flare(1).

He(1) cartwheeled(2) into(2) Lester’s(2) hair(1),

messed(1) up(1) his(1) strange(1) do(1)

with(1) stylish(2) kung(1) fu(1)

and(1) left(1) it(1) in(1) great(1) disrepair(3).


A(1) slide(1) down(1) the(1) bridge(1) of(1) his(1) nose(1),

and(1) there’s(1) where(1) he(1) stood(1) in(1) crane(1) pose(1).

Eye(1) to(1) eye(1) they(1) stared(1).

“Don’t(1) blink(1)!” the(1) Bean(1) dared(1),

then(1) Lester’s(2) lids(1) began(2) to(1) close(1).

The(1) Bean’s(1) next(1) attack(2) snuck(1) up(1) fast(1),

not(1) even(2) a(1) second(2) had(1) passed(1).

Without(2) any(2) class(1)

he(1) let(1) out(1) some(1) gas(1) 

as(1) Lester(2) jumped(1) back(1) from(1) the(1) blast(1)!


Chapter 6 (2 Limericks)_________________________SURPRISE

The(1) queen(1) watched(1) with(1) perplexed(2) delight(2).

That(1) bean(1) really(2) put(1) up(1) a(1) fight(1).

Her(1) frown(1) disappeared(1),

her(1) face(1) felt(1) so(1) weird(1),

and(1) oddly(1) she(1) felt(1) less(1) uptight(1).


Feelings(2) long(1) since(1) forgotten(3) were(1) stirred(1),

then(1) something(2) amazing(3) occurred(2).

Where(1) her(1) frown(1) had(1) been(1) 

there(1) emerged(2) a(1) grin(1)

from(1) watching(2) a(1) fight(1) so(1) absurd(2).


Chapter 7 (2 Limericks)____________________JOY

Her(1) grin(1) remained(2) only(2) awhile(2)

before(2) growing(2) into(2) a(1) smile(1)

Soon(1) laughter(2) burst(1) out(1)

and(1) echoed(2) throughout (2)

the(1) leaves(1) of(1) the(1) trees(1) for(1) a(1) mile(1).

The(1) forest(2) then(1) shouted(2) out(1) loud(1),

“Laughter(2) is(1) finally(3) allowed(2)!

Let(1) us(1) celebrate(3)!

That(1) jester(2) was(1) great(1)!”

Then(1) Lester(2) stood(1) up(1) and(1) he(1) bowed(1). 


Chapter 8 (2 Limericks)____________________EMPATHY

“I(1) really(2) must(1) know(1),” said(1) the(1) Queen(1),

“what(1) riled(1) up(1) your(1) feisty(2) green(1) bean(1)?

What(1) was(1) it(1) you(1) said(1)

that(1) got(1) in(1) his(1) head(1)

and(1) made(1) him(1) so(1) ornery(1) and(1) mean(1)?”


“I(1) told(1) him(1) of(1) your(1) stubborn(2) frown(1)

He(1) knows(1) what(1) it’s(1) like(1) to(1) feel(1) down(1)

We(1) then(1) staged(1) that(1) fight(1)

in(1) hopes(1) that(1) it(1) might(1)

bring(1) a(1) smile(1) to(1) turn(1) things(1) around(2).”


Chapter 9 (2 Limericks)_____________________JOY  

The(1) forest(2) was(1) feeling(2) revived(2).

Lester(2) and(1) the(1) Green(1) Bean(1) high(1) fived(1).

“We(1) did(1) it(1)!” they(1) said(1),

we(1) got(1) smiles(1) to(1) spread(1).

Good(1) times(1) have(1) finally(3) arrived(2)!” 

The(1) Queen(1) laughed(1) and(1) laughed(1) with(1) delight(2)

More(1) jubilant(3) days(1) were(1) in(1) sight(1).

The(1) forest(2) was(1) free(1)

to(1) revel(2) in(1) glee(1).

The(1) future(2) looked(1) happy(2) and(1) bright(1).

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